"A strong Lean Portfolio Management practice will enable execution predictability"

"A strong Lean Portfolio Management practice will enable execution predictability"

Lean Portfolio Management (LPM):


  • Strategy & Investment Funding

  • Value Stream Management (VSM)

  • Agile Portfolio Operations

  • Lean Governance

  • Work-in-progress (WIP) analysis

  • Road mapping, Planning & Scheduling

  • Lean Cost Engineering

  • Delay Analysis & Resolution

  • Tooling & Records Management

  • Risk Analysis

  • Lean Business Case Analysis

Strategy & Investment Funding

  • Aligning the portfolio to enterprise’s strategic themes.

  • Creating and maintaining living portfolio visions that align with the funding of Value Streams using lean budgeting, guardrails, and multi-year horizons.

  • Establishing portfolio flow and aligningment using Continues Exploration, Continues Integration, Continues Delivery, and Release Management.

Value Stream Management

  • Organization Value Streams Identification & Mapping to helps visualize the flow of value and resolve redundancies, disconnects, and gaps in the value delivery system.

  • Using the Value Stream map, we identify areas for solution management to align all work and to be visible, prioritized, tracked, and work-in-take controlled-- driving overall program performance and predictability.

  • Leadership has visibility and is able to proactively alleviate potential delays, business value erosion, and negative cost impacts.

  • The origin of VSM is often credited to Toyota Motor Corporations visual mapping technique for material and information flows.  On a high level, a Value Steam is a sequence of process and activities an organization undertakes to fulfil a customer request.

Agile Operations 

  • Coordinate multiple Value Stream across different divisions or Business Units.

  • Support program execution through a Agile Program Management Office (APMO) and a Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE).

  • Drive operational excellence (OE), Organization Capability (OC), and

  • Capital Stewardship.

Lean Governance 

  • Measuring portfolio performance and predictability metrics including using Set-Based Design (SBD) milestone derived from objective evaluation of working systems.

  • Dynamic budgeting and forecasting.

  • Coordinating continuous testing and compliance.